AiR – Brina Steblovnik

„I spent three weeks in Hut František studios. Their facilities were inspiring to me, comming from a country with far less developed glass artistry. The architecture of Hut František is beautiful in its conceptual devotion to tradition and glass art legacy they stand upon. I found the peaceful room exhibiting pieces of IGS, named »Noah's Ark« a perfect spot for meditation on your work. Coldworkshop, engraving room, flameworking stations, hotshop and kilnroom were all fully available and in practicly new condition. It was also inspiring seeing groups of yung children, getting familiar with glass through the courses they offer.
Related to my knowledge of the working possibilities they offer my personal working plans were too ambitious for the short time period of my stay. But in the end, after meeting František's team which was eager to share their rich practical knowledge, my plans were altered and exceeded my previous ambitions. They formed a welcoming and helpful working enviroment I am very grateful for.
I believe studios like Hut František have a big importance not only at nation, but international level of preserving glass artistry as well as providing support for contemporary glass designers/makers/artisans and I see their role as an educational bridge to wider, non-proffesional public of great value and potential.
My best wishes go to Hut Frantisek's team and their future development!“

– Brina Steblovnik, Ljubljana, 4.7.2018


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