Technical equipment

All the Centre spaces Wi-Fi is available as well as PC with access to internet for the class participants. For the documentation of works it is possible to use the professionally equipped photo studio (always under supervision of a Centre worker).

Cutting workshop

4 cutting machines for working with diamond tools, stones and synthetic wheels

1 cutting machine for polishing

3 grinding machines for working with free abrasives – rough, medium and micro-grains

1 grinding machine for pumice polishing

1 band grinding machine with a range of bands of various grain sizes

1 column drilling machine

1 diamond saw

3 angular wet grinding machines electric driven 

2 angular wet grinding machines pneumatic driven

1 flexible drive

1 marking wheel

1 sandblasting box

A wide range of diamond and synthetic wheels for glass grinding, cutting and polishing 


Engraving workshop

5 engraving machines with spindles

2 hand engraving machines

1 marking wheel

A wide range of diamond and synthetic wheels and points for glass engraving and polishing


Workshop with kilns

2 cover kilns for glass fusing and slumping, inner dimension of 1200×1000×400 mm, up to 1000°C

1 chamber two-door kiln for mould melted glass, inner dimension of 1300×1500×1100 mm, up to 1100°C

1 car-hearth kiln for mould melted glass, inner dimension of 1000×2000×1000 mm, up to 1100 °C

1 decorating kiln for painted glass, 1000×1000×1100 mm, up to 650°C


Painting workshop

1 ink spraying cabin


Hot shop

1 pot furnace for 80 kg of glass

2 annealing kilns with the inner dimension of 1000×1000×1100 mm

1 pre-heating kiln for graal of 500×350×350 mm, up to 1000°C

1 testing kiln of 300×300×300 mm up to 900°C

2 glory holes, inner diameter of 300 mm 

3 working benches

1 oxygen torch 

1 propane butane torch


Documentation centre and others

A photo- and video-camera with a standard equipped photo studio

3D printer

engraving 3D Plotter

modelling cutter 3D

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