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International Glass Symposium (IGS) happened the first time in 1982. Glassworks Crystalex in Nový Bor invited artists and designers from all over the world, in order to realize their ideas. Since then, glass artists gather in Nový Bor every three years, in order to present their work with glassworkers in glassworks in front of professionals and laics. Hundreds of artists have been to this place in past years. During its existence this glass symposium became really unique, prestige and a symbol of meeting, of a creative work and new possibilites in the world of glass.

During these years a unique collection of works was created, which presented a summary of a glassworking evolution of modern glass of the second half of 20th century and which had no rivals in the world. This unique collection was made available to the public at palace Lemberk after its reconstruction in 1992. The collection was quickly filled during the next symposiums. In the relation with decline of Crystalex, a way to save the collection had to be found. In the end, the Foundation of Josef Viewegh bought the entire collection and thus saved it

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