In the object of glassworks František is located a Glass Art Centre, which is the only one of its kind in Czech Republic. The Centre was found thanks to the financial support of IOP, are of intervention 5.1. National support using the potential of cultural heritage as a project named: Center of glassworking art Glassworks František in Sázava. The receiver of the donation is the Foundation of Josef Viewegh Glassworks František, which is the only founder of the operator of the Centre – public benefit company CESTY SKLA, o.p.s..

The main goal of the Centre is providing the space and the equipment for the preparation of artworks of glassworking artists from the entire Czech Republic and also the support of student and starting artists in the field of glassworking art and craft. For this purpose will the Centre organize residential stay (for students and graduates) , workshops, conferences, lectures, professional discussions and symposiums.

The next thing is that the goal of the Centre is to provide inspiration and the source of knowledge about glassworking techniques and procedures to the general and professional public using the form of exposition of contemporary glassworking art.



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