Reasonig of necessity of the project includingthe description of the default state

Context of the contemporary czech glassworking art carries symbols of this age: it is atomised into small workshops, it lost the aureola of exceptionallity and does not show transformations of such dimension, thanks to which was performance of e.g. Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová in the age of their contribution to the melted glass sculpture or the object. In this age does not exist a center especially for the work of artists with amterial such as glass. It is of course given by costliness of the entire technology of melting and processing of the molten glass. Realization areas in which glassworks usually does not count with greater realizations and so they use school workshops, where it is limited by the teaching.

Realizational cenre of glass in Sázava offers a technique of melted glass sculpture or object as an universal sculptural and glassworking technique. Meanwhile in other fields of the contemporary art the centres work with residential programs and ateliers for individuals, for glassworking there was never something like that created. We can easily find atelier stays in palaces or factories, which are usually donated by Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic or from an indiviual foundations. A good example is the  Center of Egon Schiele in Český Krumlov or DOX in Holešovice.

In Czech Republic still do not exist any museums (or galleries), which would specialize on presentation of a modern and contemporary glassworking production, even though this production greatly and successfully represents czech culture abroad. In Czech republic does not exist any comprehensive and systematic collection of contemporary glassworking art, which would grant in one place a summary of the production of the second half of 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century and which would offer creative and technological inspiration and knowledge for contemporary local glassworking artists. Two most important museums for glass are Museum of glass and Bijouterie in Jablonec n.N. and Artistic-infrastructural museum in Prague have in its collection and depositories extensive files of glassworking art, which is not presented and thus does not bring any use for glassworking artists or for the public. Center in Sázava will allow to present these collection items in its original and inspirational enviroment.

To the prepared Centre was offered a great opportunity which was to buy CRYSTALEX  a.s. Nový Bor which was in bankruptcy a collection of contemporary artistic glass, which came to existence gradually from 1970 first from czechoslovak and later from international glassworking symposiums. The main building of Glassworks František from 1882 is more than 15 years unused and abandoned. Even before it was not properly maintained and its state only confirms that fact. The Foundation made in 2008–2009 several moves, which prevented the devastation of the building. There were made the most needed repairs of the roof, the object was secured against the invasion of unauthorized people. The state of the building is surely unsatisfactory, since the object is derelict. The interior is neglected with the rests of the former manufacturing activity. The Glassworks František were in 2010 written on the list of cultural heritages of Czech Republic.

The building of the carpenter , in which are estabilished ateliers and glassworking workshops that are in good technical conditions. The adjustments which will be necessary to make, do not have the character of saving or reconstructing the building, but they will be enough to reach the former appearance and its accomodation for the future use, which is building ateliers and workshops with corresponding approach etc.

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