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Project of the Centre links to the project of the town, which is related to renewal of streets in Na Křemelce and Na Kácku and adjacent areas (Project „Revilatization of brownfield of former glassworking settlement Na Kácku“ of Regional operational program of Středočeský kraj from 2008–2009), which was successfully finished on 27. October 2009. The intention of the town in this area is to renew the former glassworking settlement „Kácek“, which included glassworks  František.

The town of Sázava prepared a project in order to create a visitor center and a town museum on the ground floor of a building no. 87 in the former glassworking settlement Na Kácku, which is located in front of glassworks František. The building was constructed in 1837 and it was used as a stable for horses and also as a dormitory for wagoners for glassworks František. The town has processed a documentation of the project and has a valid building permit. The project of the town suitably complements the project of the Foundation.

Along with the National Glass Art Centre in Glassworks František, in Sázava there is a Realization centre of glass Klára of the company AveClara s.r.o. in glassworks in Polevsko. The locality of Sázava and Polevsko are connection their activites thanks to the fact, that each locality offers a different access to glass, an entirely different experience with its remodeling. Meanwhile Sázava wants to specialize on a very young technique of a melted glass sculpture or an object, the project in Polevsko offers purely czech glassworking techniques of blown glass on ladle furnace. These both centers will together offer residential programs and area for realization for individuals and group workshops, exhibitions and lectures.

The project is also in harmony with the Actualization of Strategy for region of Posázaví which was accepted by a local action group Posázaví and a public benefit company Posázaví o.p.s. in June 2006 Priority area 1, Measure 1.6. Support of tourism and historically imporant monuments; Priority area 3, Measure 3.1. Strengthening and renewing of cultural heritage

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