Mission of the Centre

The functionality of the Centre is ensuring the public benefit company CESTY SKLA, o.p.s., which was founded by the Foundation of Josef Viewegh Glassworks František as the only founder and was registered by Resolution of the City court in Prague on 12 March 2013.

In administrative council o.p.s. are representatives of partners of the Foundation (PhDr. Helena Koenigsmarková, Ing. Milada Valečková, Ing. Petr Beránek, PhDr. Petr Nový), glassworking experts (Ak. painter Zdeněk Lhotský, Petr Novotný) and representatives of Foundation (JUDr. Slávka Vieweghová, Ing. Jaroslav Krčmář, Mgr. Vít Vojta).

What can you look forward to!

In the Glass Art Centre, Glassworks František is installed exposition of glassworking art, in which is presented the collection IGS. This collection was bought by the Foundation from a liquidator of  CRYSTALEX a.s. using donated money. Exposition was prepared by PhDr. Petr Nový and Mgr. Milan Hlaveš, Ph.D. Exposition is located in the glassworking building.

In the neighboring building (former auxilary operations, now carpenter) are located ateliers and workshops for residential stays and professional training stays.

The Centre offers options for reputable glassworking artists, craftsmen and teachers for their lecturing, to make a use of the technical equipment of the centre and for presentation of their works and for their partecipation on discussions, lectures and conferences.

Beginning glass artists and craftsmen can attend residential stays, discussions, lectures and conferences.

The Centre also offers to art schools a longtime cooperation with the option of using professional capacity of its teachers for creative stays, lectures, conferences and the option of making use of technical equipment of the Centre

Notable part of thisCentre is its focus on elementary schools with the goal of getting attention from young student for glassworking and propagation of glassworking schools.

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