Dominik Bíman was a brilliant Czech glass engraver of the first half of the 19th century distinguished especially by portrait engravings. Jiří Harcuba, who was an ardent admirer of the artist, wanted to support the slowly vanishing technique of glass engraving by establishing his own school named after Dominik Bíman. Typically, the school wasn´t organized in the same place but moved from site to site, even abroad, being held in glass schools and glass centres. Thanks to the activity, Jiří Harcuba drew numerous new enthusiastic interested persons to the beautiful old technique by its releasing from classical demanding routine processes. In that way, he rid the new takers of inhibitions and worries of their inability to repeat the perfect engravings of old masters. Thus, the primary and main aim of the Dominik Biman´s School was to give insight into glass engraving to anyone interested in, so even to absolute laymen and small children, whose naturalness was enjoyed by Jiří Harcuba first of all.

The Jiří Harcuba´s School has pretensions to follow the spirit. It followed up the international engraving symposium which was held in the week from Sept. 15 – 20, 2014 in Kamenický Šenov. It was held in the new workshops of the Glass Art Centre in the František Glassworks Sázava. It was opened not only for professional glass engravers and artists but also for comers and lay public. The Monday´s opening of the Jiří Harcuba´s School was preceded by a Sunday´s programme. The Glass Art Centre offered a commented visit of the IGS collections as well as of workshops and studios. PhDr. Milan Hlaveš gave a lecture about Jiří Harcuba and an exhibition of Jiří Harcuba´s works was opened in the Glass Art Centre „Winter Garden“. The participants of the Jiří Harcuba´s School were allowed to implement their own works also using the technique of printing from glass plates.

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