August 7 – 12, 2017

Type of the class: 6 days course of glassmaking


Level: beginner / intermediate

Language: English

Price: 16000 CZK / 593 EUR 

Application deadline: July 3


Glass can play with ideas of illusion and perception. As a material, it can be transparent or opaque and as a form it can be solid or hollow, strong or fragile. These qualities invite curiosity and engage the maker and viewer to explore ideas, meanings and the physicality of the material. What lies beyond the surface of the skin?  Structures, cells, liquids and tissues, a network of mass that creates who we are and how we experience the world. SKIN DEEP is about going beyond the surface of glass and exploring what lies beyond this layer. Can it be man-made structures, liquids or components?  These inclusions can suggest, deceive and imply.  During this session, we will create objects and play with ideas using glass and other materials or substances to examine how it changes our perception of what we see through the surface. We will work fluidly with techniques and ideas with an openness to experimentation to create the unexpected.  The hotshop sessions will explore approaches to movement, heat, rotation and gravity and how structure, inclusions and narrative can be created inside blown and solid forms. Our glass investigations will be driven through visual research and drawing and this will be supported by demonstrations and discussions.  Collaboration and teamwork is an important part of this class, it will enrich our hot glass experience and enable you to produce objects of increasing sophistication.  You will leave the class with new ideas to explore that will enrich your future practice.

Profile of the instructor:

Louis Thompson is an international artist with a fascination in how the glass object can form a skin or window into a magical inner world. He uses colour, space, structure and other materials in his work to invite the viewer to peer into these landscapes and examine the concept of interior and exterior contradictions. Thompson has been working in hot glass for over 25 years.  He is the recipient of two prestigious awards, the Jerwood Makers Prize Commission and the Best Exhibit Prize at the British Glass Biennale. He was a scholarship student at Pilchuck and returned as a teaching assistant.  His work has been exhibited extensively at galleries in the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA. He has created installations for various museums and international exhibitions, most recently two site-specific installations at Salisbury Cathedral. His work is in permanent public collections at museums in Europe, Japan and USA.  He lives and works in London where he runs a small studio with two other artists. James Devereux will be the teaching assistant and gaffer during this masterclass. James and Louis have collaborated together on a number of projects, exhibitions and teaching sessions. He is a highly accomplished glassmaker and artist who runs in partnership his own studio, Devereux and Huskie Glassworks, realizing work for internationally renowned artists.



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