Pate de Verre

20th July – 31th July 2015


Class: Glassboratory – Pate de Verre

Type of the Class: 12 days master class 

Instructor: Anne PettersDresden Germany

Level: Beginner and intermediate students

Language: English and German

Price: 700 EUR


Description of the Class:

Thinking of drawing as a most immediate connection to our inner world of imagination and feelings, this course introduces a specific hot-printing, pate de verre technique, which allows the direct transfer of hand written text, drawing, color and structure from a mold onto glass. By using a variety of mold-making materials (plaster-silica, cement, sand, kiln paper) as canvas, students will find a playground for inspiration and invent their own graphic style. Starting with flat pate de verre castings that carry our imagery, we will venture into three dimensions by manually shaping the hot glass in the kiln (wrapping it around core molds, fusing, folding etc.) We will liberate drawing/ writing from 2-dimensions and bring it into a sculptural form using the unique qualities and metaphors of glass in combination with other materials and found objects.

Part of the class will be an introduction of how to make glass frit in the hot shop. Students should bring drawings, text, small objects- anything inspiring to class.

Supplementary Programme:

The stay will be accompanied by glass review talk, a lecture of instructors, a commented visit of the IGS exhibition and an excursion of the Sázava Monastery.

Profile of the Instructor:

Anne Petters, (b 1978 Dresden), received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Institute for Ceramics and Glass Art, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, and a MFA from Alfred University, New York.

In her work she uses glass and other materials, including natural phenomena, in a poetic and metaphoric way. Anne´s work has been exhibited in glass museums and art institutions and she works and teaches internationally.










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