June 27 – July 2, 2016

Type of the Class: 6 days long course of glassmaking


Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate

Language: Czech / English

Price: 555 EUR / 15000 CZK


Description of the Class:

The focus of this six-day masterclass is to advance participants’ professional and technical capabilities in the hot-glass studio. Focussing on the fundamentals of traditional glass-blowing techniques. We will help you refine your skills and help you create your own designs and products.

The programme will concentrate on basic-material processes to enable you to become more efficient in handling hot-glass. Simple blown or solid forms, perfection, avoiding mistakes, focusing on the very basics. Some glass blowing experience needed. The more you know, the more you learn.

During the class there will be skills and technique demonstrations and lots of opportunities to develop your practical skills. Requests are welcome

Supplementary Programme:

The stay will be accompanied by glass review talk, a lecture of instructors, a commented visit of the IGS exhibition and an excursion of the Sázava Monastery. 

Profile of the Instructor:

Ondrej Novotny is the youngest son of internationally renowned glass maker Petr Novotny, who was one of the pioneers of glass studio-movement in the eighties. Ondrej started glassmaking at the age of fourteen. He eventually decided to study glass professionally at the Novy Bor glass school and started working as an apprentice in the glass trade. After finishing his studies (2004), he travelled between America and Europe gaining valuable experience and developing his skills. In 2010, Ondrej started working as a teaching assistant for Martin Janecky who completely changed his way of looking and working with glass. Recently, he has worked for various artists and designers in The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Japan, USA and the UK. Ondrej has a very distinct set of aesthetics – vivid colours, symmetry and balance are part of his minimal approach to glass.




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