June 19 – 24, 2017

Type of the class: 6 days course of glassmaking

Instructor: ROB STERN, USA

Level: beginner / intermediate

Language: English

Price: 19500 CZK / 722 EUR 

Application deadline: May 19


This class will take you on a personal journey to find your way with glass. Ideal for those who wish to combine hot and cold glass possibilities by using all the tools available. This will be a survey of techniques and will be a well-rounded approach to making sculptural glass by considering all your options. We will start by exploring the basic principles of glassblowing and sculpting techniques in the hot shop and quickly begin to pursue direction with concept drawings and source materials to inform your ideas. From there you will be encouraged to experiment in order to design original works that will focus on the development of a series of glass sculptures.. Teamwork will be paramount in order to expedite larger forms in the hot shop. Daily demos by the instructor and visiting artists will simplify the process of developing ideas into finished works by creating a series of steps that anyone can use. We will investigate simple mold making concepts and numerous hot-working techniques such as blowing, mold-blowing, solid-sculpting, inside-sculpting, direct casting, bit work, cane work, and torch work. Simultaneously we will consider and demonstrate cold-working processes including grinding, polishing, engraving, sandblasting and most importantly gluing so as to champion scale and enrich your capabilities. An emphasis in the importance of creating archival gallery ready work will be discussed. All of these skills will be combined to allow you endless possibilities for glass fabrication, which will ultimately grow your confidence in developing your work and in-turn your portfolio. The goal will be to equip you with the skills but moreover the motivation you will need to design, create, and construct complex glass sculptures which you are proud to call your work! See you there!!!

Profile of the instructor:

Rob Stern (*1968) attended Northside High school for performing arts in Atlanta, Ga. where he also performed and traveled internationally with a touring company. He gained a BFA in sculpture/glass from San Francisco State University, CA. During that time he apprenticed under numerous glass masters and worked at John Lewis glass casting facility in Oakland, CA for 5 years. Rob has been attending Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA. For more than 25 years as a student, T.A., Gaffer, teacher, designer and has worked with many of the top artists and masters in the field including: Petr Novotny, Stanislav Libensky, Dale chihuly, Dante Marioni, Pino Signorreto, William Morris, Richard Royal, Martin Blank, Thurman Statom, Charlie Parriot, Ruth King, Dino Rosin and many more. Rob lived and worked training as a master in the Czech Republic from 1993–95 in the studios and factory of Petr Novotny. Rob Received an MFA from the University of Miami, FL. and went on to run the program there for 7 years. During that time he established Rob Stern Glass Inc. in 2003 where he and his team currently create original work and international commissions. Rob served as an interim Proffessor at the University of Texas at Arlington, TX. In 2011 and continues to teach workshops at universities and schools internationally.


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