Cold Construction 16

August 15 – 19, 2016

Type of the Class: 5 days long course of glassmaking


Level: begginer / intermediate

Language: Czech / English

Price: 407 EUR / 11000 CZK


Description of the Class:

Students have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, information and experience from two very skilled glassworking artists and craftsmen in one class and at one place with vast experience from american artistic enviroment. Students will improve in this class the basics of grinding and polishing of glass on traditional glass cutting and glass working machines. In order to process glass objectswill participants have an opportunity to use a modern studio. During the class will students participate a presentation including a technique of sticking, practical use and preparation of a surface of glass using a HXTAL – NYL-1 glue. Participants of the class will have a unique opportunity to experience how it is like to work with this top-notch glue, which is perfectly suitable for realization of big objects with high resistance during grinding and perfect quality and firmness of links. Students can also experiment with color pigments.

Supplementary Programme:

The stay will be accompanied by glass review talk, a lecture of instructors, a commented visit of the IGS exhibition and an excursion of the Sázava Monastery. 

Profiles of the Instructors:

Martin Rosol (*1956) lives and works in USA. Rosol’s works are characteristic for their elegance and a high degree of craftsmanship. His works are usually made from more parts, which he perfectly grinds from blocks of crystal glass and then he connects them into architectural geometric forms. Recently he works with color pigments, which are mixed into connecting glue.
In 1981 he received Bavarian State Award in Munich. Firstly in 1986 he emigrated to Austria and two years later he went to USA. His works are located in notorious collections in USA and in foreign countries. For example in Philadelphia, Corning, Boston, Kanazawa and in Brno. In 2007 he realized design for Steuben Glass in Corning. He is dedicated to teaching and regurarly teaches in Studio Corning together with Pavel Novák.…martin-rosol

Pavel Novak (*1974) studied SUPŠ Glass school in Nový Bor, where he also worked as teacher of glass grinding. He moved to USA in 2000 and currently lives and works in New Jersey, where he creates jewels and glass objects. During his time spent in USA, he worked for various glassworking artists and studio. He is also dedicated to his instructor activity and together with Martin Rosol regurarly teaches in Studio in Corning. He taught in PGC in Pittsburgh and at Tyler school of Art in Philadelphia. He is represented in many collections and galleries in USA and also in Baccarat in France. He participated in exhibitions in Baltimore, Palm Beach, Denver, New York, Chicago, Charleston etc. For hsi work he received several awards. For example in 2011, he received Award of Excelence in Baltimore, Best in Show in Bethesda and Award of Excellence in Rochester in NY.



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