Blowing Your Mind

June 12 – 17, 2017

Type of the class: 6 days course of glassmaking


Level: intermediate

Language: English

Price: 19500 CZK / 722 EUR 


The major theme is preparing works employing glass blowing at a furnace. In this class the participants will strive to improve their knowledge of the hot glass mass and face challenges brought by its processing. They will work with simple inspiring forms and improve them. Each group of the class participants always proves many levels of practical abilities. This class will be adapted for each class participants to obtain as much as possible. There will be regularly repeated simple examples of fundamental glass working. The instructor will spend enough time to explain both in words and in practice the reasons of manufacturing works in a certain way and to explain the importance of basic techniques. The works by the instructor Janusz Pozniak are typically based on technical challenges not because he likes making difficult things but because he doesn´t want to give the glass material a chance to limit his creativity. Each of his works begins in the sketchbook – he comes out of his drawings and always tries to figure out and solve the problem how to implement an idea in glass even before entering the hot shop. This class will be oriented on helping the class participants to improve their experience and to get the craft and understanding the material for the refinement their own work. As above said, the instructor will show simple basics of work with glass and – in the same time – demonstrate his own work. The complete group of participants will discuss what they don´t understand and what they want to be demonstrated and to be shown. The aim of the instructor is to fill up heads of the class participants with new information and better knowledge of the material. It depends from any participant to enter the class with ideas and to be ready to work hard – it will be worth it and it will be entertaining!

Profile of the instructor:

Janusz Pozniak (*1965 ) studied at the Southport College of Art in Merseyside, England, and got the bachelor´s degree at the College of Art & Design in Farnham, England. He has been blowing glass already for 28 years. Repeatedly he got working scholarships at the glass school in Pilchuck and at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. He participated  in numerous exhibitions all over the United States and in England. Since 1986 he has been intensively engaged in pedagogical activities, taught and demonstrated his work all over the United States, e.g. at the Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art,  Alfred University, PGC Pittsburgh, Pilchuck Glass School and in the Corning studio as well as in Scotland, Japan, Australia and Turkey. He cooperated with many outstanding glassmakers, e.g. with Dale Chihuly, Charlie Parriot, Michal  Machat, Lino Tagliapietra, Ruth King, Dante Marioni and numerous others. His works are characterized by a high degree of technical difficulty and a perfect execution. They are also based on a perfect knowledge of Venetian techniques. Beside the author´s works Janusz Pozniak is engaged also in design and the mass production. Janusz Pozniak belongs among the best contemporary American glassmakers.

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